Free Nation Foundation

A libertarian think tank which sponsors a limited program of scholarship about the critical institutions which make free nations possible.
FNF was founded in 1993 by Richard Hammer, to enact the plan which he had sketched in Toward a Free Nation. For seven years Mr. Hammer worked full time to manage and lead FNF. 


At the very center of the LCU is Inner Utopia, which occupies about 10,000 square miles inside the free nation. As aforementioned, the other two "libertarianisms" form a pair of concentric rings around it, conferring protection from non-libertarians who otherwise would invade anarchies. This place used to be a primeval mountainous forest roamed by weird nomadic tribes, and it remains stateless today. Everything is privately done.
Inner Utopia is a mix of Central Park and Galt's Gulch. Environmental anarchist groups patrol perhaps half of Inner Utopia, based from multi-storied archaeological towns surrounded by pristine wilderness. Market anarchist groups control the other half, and have one very large city known simply as Laissez-Faire. Inner Utopia will one day be known for its great philosophers, who solved the conflict of capitalism versus nature.


Completely surrounding Inner Utopia is Outer Utopia, which occupies another 10,000 square miles of the free nation's total land area. Outer Utopia came into being after the cyber-auctions of 2050, when thousands of extremely disgruntled Libertarians in the U.S. purchased individual tracts here and emigrated en masse. They unanimously created a limited government with only court, security, and defense services, plus a voting system handled entirely via computer network. Civil liberties, free enterprise, unrestricted speech, and unrestricted lifestyles are all guaranteed in Outer Utopia.

American expatriates, including those previously with the Libertarian Party, say that apolitical immigrants would be most comfrtable here. To those in Outer Utopia, playing politics is an immoral practice among the Earth's less-developed peoples. There are no _organized political parties, and also no full-time government officials.


Completely surrounding Outer Utopia are the Proprietary States, which together compose another 20,000 square miles of the free country. Owing to their peripheral location as well as their unusual political views, the Proprietary States are considered the "lunatic fringe" of libertarian society. They attract only those people who want to join with other people of like mind and build an ideological State together, and with libertarian ethics, this can only be done on property you personally possess claim to. The Proprietary States offer idealistic libertarians the chance to practice any philosophy, as long as their community does not violently aggress against the other members of the LCU.
Overall, the Proprietary States have a fractious political environment, as some ideological communities fail and are purchased by successful ones, and also as new Proprietary States based on better ideas get started. The shifting territorial patchwork is not unlike that of medieval Europe. Among the many Proprietary States are found:

- Evangelion, for Protestant libertarians
- Romanum, for Catholic libertarians
- New Jerusalem, for Jewish libertarians
- Galt Valley, for Objectivist libertarians
- Proletarskiy, for anarcho-communist libertarians
- Liberty City, for an unofficial capitol of sorts

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