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Republic of Waduya

The Dictator is a 2012 British-American political satire black comedy film co-written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen as his fourth feature film in a leading role. The film is directed by Larry Charles, who previously directed Baron Cohen's mockumentaries Borat and Brüno. Baron Cohen, in the role of Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya visiting the United States, stars alongside Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, Jason Mantzoukas, and an uncredited appearance by John C. Reilly.

For years the Republic of Wadiya, in North Africa, has been ruled by Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen), a childish, lascivious, despotic, misogynist, anti-Western and anti-Semitic dictator who surrounds himself with female bodyguards. Aladeen refuses to allow Wadiyano oil to be sold internationally and is working on the development of nuclear weapons. After the Security Council of the United Nations decides to intervene militarily, Aladeen travels to the UN headquarters in New York to address the Council.
Shortly after arriving, he is kidnapped by Clayton, a hitman hired by his uncle Tamir, who intends to betray him. Tamir replaces Aladeen with a decoy called Efawadh, whom he intends to manipulate to sign a treaty that nominally aims to democratize Wadiya and allow the export of oil from the country leaving it in the hands of foreign interests.
Aladeen escapes after Clayton accidentally caught fire, but his huge beard had been shaved by Clayton, making him virtually unrecognizable. Soon he meets the activist Zoey, who offers him a job. Aladeen rejects the offer and travels to the "Little Wadiya" in New York located near the Marcy Avenue station, populated by refugees from his country, many of them fleeing from Aladeen. There, he meets "Nuclear" Nadal, former head of Wadiya's nuclear arms program and exproxeneta (he provided Aladeen's women), whom Aladeen believed he had previously executed. Nadal explains that the Wadiyan rebels have infiltrated his intelligence unit, sending all the people he had ordered to exile to exile.
Wanting his former bodyguard job, Nadal promises to help Aladden thwart Tamir's plans and regain his position as "supreme leader", provided that Aladeen will be the new head of Wadiya's WMD program. Aladeen agrees and accepts the offer of Zoey's work, since it takes place at the hotel where the treaty will be signed.
Aladeen gradually falls in love with Zoey after she refuses his sexual advances and later sees how she confronts a policeman with courage and passion. Around the business struggles of Zoey, Aladeen begins imposing strict schedules around the world, forming a personality cult around Zoey and intimidating an inspector to give the store a good review. However, Aladeen's relationship with Zoey becomes tense after he reveals his true identity.
After acquiring a new beard taken from a corpse, Aladeen infiltrates the hotel and tells Efawadh to leave. At the signing ceremony, he breaks Tamir's document in front of the UN delegation, and has a passionate speech praising the virtues of the dictatorship, establishing unwelcome parallels to current issues in the United States. However, upon seeing Zoey in the room, he declares his love for her and, knowing the views strongly held by Zoey, votes to democratize his country and open the Wadiya oil fields, but in a way that the population benefits. Angry with Aladeen to stay in power, Tamir tries to kill him but Efawadh jumps in front of the bullet and receives the shot but survives, since his job "was to receive bullets in the head".
A year later, Wadiya celebrates its first democratic elections, although they are rigged in favor of Aladeen (having now added the title of President Prime Minister Admiral General). Later, she marries Zoey, but is surprised when she breaks a cup with her foot and reveals herself as a Jewess.
Scenes during the final credits show Aladeen, driving green cars, visiting a Nadal reintegrated, and later Zoey reveals in a television interview that she is pregnant with the couple's first child. Aladeen responds to the news by asking Zoey if she is having "a child or an abortion." The film begins with a note that said it was dedicated to the memory of Kim Jong-il.



The Principality of Pontinha is seceded from 1903.

      Catalonia tried to secede
      in 2017.
The Principality of Pontinha has been recognized as independent by the King of Portugal

The Republic of Catalonia has not been Recognized by the Spanish Authorities.
The Principality of Pontinha’s independence won’t create a crisis in Portugal, if it secedes.

The Republic of Catalonia will create a crisis in Spain, Andorra and France, if it secedes.
The Principality of Pontinha’s independence movement is supported by 100% of Pontinha’s population

The independence of Catalonia is only supported by a part of the population.
The Principality of Pontinha’s independence movement is supported by 100% of Pontinha’s owners

The Republic of Catalonia is only supported by a part of the owners of Catalonia.
The Principality of Pontinha’s independence movement is supported by Pontinha’s monarch

The Catalonia Region has not been supported the Sovereign of Catalonia.
An independent Principality of Pontinha would create an increase of international tourists to Madeira’s Island

An independent Republic of Catalonia would create a decrease of international tourists in Catalonia and Andorra.
The Principality of Pontinha’s independence is not related with political interests.

The Republic of Catalonia’s independence is related with political interests.
The Principality of Pontinha could be useful for humanity for experimenting an utopical libertarian project.

We can’t make experimental political projects on a Region like Catalonia, because the consequences could be too bad.
If the Principality of Pontinha secedes, this situation won’t provoke a problem in Europe

If the Catalonia Region secedes, that would create an international problem, especially in markets.


The conflict between Pontinha and Portugal, explained by Self Herald

Self Herald designed a comic to explain the history of Pontinha, as a legitimate country, which has been incorpored ''de facto'' by Portugal. To congratulate Prince Renato II for his effort, Self Herald designed this comic for him.

An actor which founded his own micronation

Today's  article is about an excentric man, Joshua Thomas Crute. He is known as the Captain. He is the founder of a micronation, but he is still more than that. He is a Crute Actor, MC and Comedian. He was very famous in social media, but became more famous when he decided to create a project of country.
First I am going to talk about his radio ''THE NIGHT CAP''
This radio was born on November 2007 and called The Night Cap and started on community radio station 3WBC where Joshua stayed until early 2011 moving to 3MDR.
The Night Cap is a twice a week live to air radio broadcast that has a strong cult following of dedicated fans from not only in Melbourne, but around Australia and America and around the world.
With the successful integration of social media, they were able to spread the word about their program.
The Night Cap radio show is a fun, exciting and most importantly interactive show that is as dedicated to its fans as they are to us.
The platform of The Night Cap is unique whereby we allow their listeners to create the shows content – they tell us what they want – and we deliver! 
Celebrity interviews, new music releases, red carpet events, news and opinions, and live discussion all live, on-air and open to our listeners.
Now I will talk about the Micronation founded by Joshua, which has the same name as the radio.
The 25th of November, the Night Cap, which is the radio of Joshua Thomas Crute, turned 10 years old. To celebrate its birthday, The Night Cao made the bold decision to form a Micronation. Of course, with the same name as the radio. The Sovereignty of The Night Cap Nation was created.
The Sovereignty of The Night Cap Nation is in fact now its own Nation, it has international relationship with the Republic of Molossia.
The Captain Monarch of the The Sovereignty of The Night Cap Nation is Joshua Thomas Crute, which is known as the Captain. In fact he was recognized by the Molossian authorities, as a captain. Joshua holds the commissioned rank of Honorary Captain of the Molossian Navy.
The President of Molossia gave the Honororay rank of Lieutenant of Arm Services. There is not any diplomacy between both nations, but they respect each other. We can see Joshua, The Captain, has a lot of contacts with Heads of State of several micronations, including the authorities of the Republic of Molossia.

In honour to this great man, Joshua Thomas Crute, we designed a portrait.