Monday, 25 December 2017

Catalonia and Liberland can make a mutual recognition agreement

Everyone knows that Catalonia is preparing for independence. A lot of Catalans whishes to be an independent state. But a big part of catalans are opposing also to this situation. Last thursday, the 21st of December, Catalans voted to elect their political representatives. The independent parties will have absolute majority in the Catalan Parliament. Vit Jedlicka, the founder of the Liberland self-proclaimed state knows very well what is happening in Catalonia. Jedlicka es looking for international recognition and he knows that Catalonia is a big opportunity for him.
The president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont proclaimed independence, he proclaimed the Republic of Catalonia in the Parlament. But this independence has not been recognize by any state of the world, so this independence it is not ''de facto'' applied in Catalonia. Independent parties whishes to stablish independence in Catalonia, so Liberland can be their first step. There are some signals that shows this situation. Artur Mas, last president of Catalonia, the one who started the independent movement, had a meeting with Vid Jedlicka and with Conrad Freeman.

Who is Conrad Freeman?

Liberland oppened more embassies in the world than some recognized countries. One of theses embassies is located in Spain. Conrad Freeman is the representative of Liberland in Spain. But now Jedlicka, president of Liberland, Freeman representative of Liberland and Spain and Artur Mas, last president of Catalonia are stablishing diplomatic relations. So Liberland will open also an embassy in Catalonia. For that reason, Freeman, last wednesday, made an historical event in Barcelona. He organized a dinner where a lot of Libertarian groups of Catalonia participated. I will make an article about this event, but I should say that this event was a succesful one and Freeman made this event for announcing the future Embassy that Liberland will have in Catalonia. 

Catalonia, a Libertarian country

Catalan culture is one of the oldest cultures in Europe. The Catalan language has been used by several centuries. Catalans have their identity but there is one fact which is very interesting in Catalan people, their sprit of enterpreneurship. Catalans have always been a very entrepreneur society. During a long time ago, was the most industrialized region in Europe. I say that in a partial way, it is true. Catalonia, now is not an industrialized place, it is a very touristic place, which is different. Some catalans want to be independent for its cultural identity but others want that for economic reasons. Barcelona, has been the seat of Mobile World Congress, Barcelona is appointing as the ''New Sillicon Valley'' of Europe. Barcelona, Reus and Sabadell were very industrialized cities in the past. In the city of Reus, a great architect was born, Gaudí. Yes, the one who designed the Casa Milà, ''La pedrera'', he also designed a lot more buildings each year visited by millions of visitors, all over the world.
El Prat, the airport of Barcelona, one of the most important in the world. Football Club Barcelona, one of the best football clubs in the world. I can continue giving examples about the entrepreneurship of the catalans, but I won't continue. 
What it matters, in the topic of this blog is that Catalonia can support Liberland independence and viceversa. In Catalonia, Libertarianism is an ideology which it is growing and it is perfectly compatible with the Catalan character. Catalans have always been very openning to new business and most Catalans whould have to live in a libertarian country so they will agree in making several projects together with countries like Liberland.

The Links between Catalonia and Liberland
This last months, Catalonia has been an issue in the international media. Most Catalans are asking for independence. They won a referendum of self-determination, but the Spanish state does not accept this referendum. The important issue here, is that Catalans are asking for the same as Liberlanders.
Liberland in this moment is not recognized by the powerful countries but it
Liberland has the support of the people and the support of several businessman that want to stablish their own libertarian state in the Heart of Europe. But Liberland has a problem, it is not recognized by the powerful countries, for this reason Liberland is stablishing diplomatic relations with disputed territories of the world. But the great strategy that Vít Jedlička has developed for promoting the republic and for stablishing diplomatic relations, is to create embassies all over the world. Liberland has more embassies that some recognized states. One of this embassies is the Spanish one. The representative of Liberland in Spain is Conrad Freeman. Due to the independent wishes of the catalan people, Liberland has decided to open another embassy in Catalonia. And this is what I am going to talk today.
Liberland began to stablish relations with independent catalan politicians. We have several examples of that. Vid Jedlicka and Conrad Freeman had a meeting with Artur Mas , the last President of Catalonia. That is to say, Liberland and Catalonia are stablishing diplomatic relations and this is a big opportunity for Liberland.
Conrad Freeman, made a festival, last Wednesday. The reason of that is to promote the future Liberland Assembly in Caatalonia. Freeman is an intelligent man, so he planned an strategy to promote Liberland in Catalonia.  First of all, Freeman in the last months have created several pages in social media, in catalan language. A lot of Catalans have learn about the tiny Free Republic thanks to the promotion of Freeman in social media.

Once, a lot of Catalans learned about the Liberland issue, Freeman organized a festival in a restaurant in Barcelona. It was a greateful event. In the festival, several members of the Liberland project participated, Freeman, Petra and the representative in Andorra, Enric Flix.
In the festival, assist several catalan libertarian groups, like Students for Liberty, The Catalonian Libertarian Party (P-Lib), Catalans Lliures (CCL) and the Von Mises Institute of Barcelona (IvMB). It was a grateful event. First of all we made a presentation between all the assistants of the event. Then C.Freeman made a conference, explaining to everyone about the Liberland Issue. Conrad Freeman gave a lot of details, he explained the project of Liberland but also he talked about the architectural projects that have been involved in the development of Liberland. He talked also a lot about the political situation of Liberland. He explained that Somaliland which is a peaceful country in Africa, has recognised Liberland as a sovereign country. Freeman talked about the supporters of the Free Republic. He explained that several millionaires and billionaires are supporting our country and that these wealthy people want to invest in our project. Freeman gave a lot of details about that. He talked about his own libertarian background. His relatives participated in the Freedom of the United States of America. He showed as a document where his relatives appeared, showing their participation in the Independence of the most powerful country in the world. So Freeman has freedom wishes in his own blood.
In the conference he gave a lot of details about the political and economic strategy of Liberland. He explained very well which embassies Liberland has opened in the last years since independence.
But he announced something incredible. In May of the next year, Conrad Freeman will open an embassy of Liberland in Catalonia. Since the moment he said that, most assistants get impressed. I was in the event and I was sitting with some assistants. When Freeman announced the next embassy in Catalonia, I heard people saying ‘’I will go to the Embassy’’.
Freeman said that they are planning the location of the Embassy but surely, this one will be located in Passeig de Gràcia, which is one of the main touristic places in Barcelona. It is a big avenue surrounded by luxury and old buildings. Freeman, offered to all the assistants to participate in the Embassy of Liberland in Barcelona, and I saw that the assistants which were next to me were satisfied for the opening of this embassy and I realised a lot of Catalans living in Barcelona, will participate in this project. In Catalonia, people is very entrepreneur. Barcelona has some of the best enterprises of Marketing of the world and a lot of young people, who claims the right of freedom and self-determination, surely they will be volunteers of this project.
After the conference, Petra talked about the Issue of Liberland, and then, Freeman started a Concert. The event that took place in Barcelona, last Wednesday it was a useful event for Liberland and a big party for all the assistants. After the conference of Freeman and the intervention of Petra, we also had lunch.
The independence process of Catalonia it is playing a very important role to the recognition of Liberland. Catalonia and Liberland can reach and agreement of mutual recognition. This last week, elections have been made in Catalonia, and the independentist parties have absolute majority in the Parliament. This is a huge opportunity for the recognition of Liberland and from this article I ask everyone to join our project. The development of economy requires of working with very little states with few regulations.