Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ressuscitar de uma Rocha

Ressuscitar de uma Rocha, this is the new motto of Renato Barros, the Prince of Pontinha.
This year we will see several countries in the world that want to secede, Catalonia, the Faroe Islands, Liberland, and the typical micronations which are claiming independence since years, decades, and in some cases, centuries ago.
Renato knows that. He wants to stablish new relations with heads of state or diplomats of all this nations without state, which want to secede. 
This is why, he is engaged in promoting its country all over the world. The Principality of Pontinha is arriving to the ears og all libertarians. Renato was looking for a name for his campaign. He founded, ''Ressuscitar de uma Rocha'', traducted to english, means ''The Renaissance of a Rock''. It sounds a title of a book, but it is not. It is a marketing logo, that Renato wants to develope all over the world for encouraging people to participate in the independence process of the Principality of Pontinha.

Ressuscitar de uma Rocha, the new chapter of Pontinha's History

Renato Barros has been condemned to pay charges. Portugal autorities are not recognizing the ''Carta Regia'' of Pontinha. They don't recognise Pontinha as an independent state.
So Renato Barros, needs money. This is the reason why he is making a campaign called ''Ressuscitar de uma Rocha''.
From today everyone can buy souvenirs of the Principality of Pontinha. But which souvenirs can you buy?
Well, you can acquire historical documents or elements of the Principality or you can become part of the Pontinhan Nobility. Renato II will sell nobility titles. A method which is similar to those of the Principality of Sealand.
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