Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The yellow ribbon, a catalan symbol in the XXI Century

During the last months, the yellow ribbon reached a big importance on catalan society. It is now a symbol of political prisoners in Catalonia.
In Catalonia, yellow ribbons began to be used in late October 2017 by the Catalan independence movement as a symbol of solidarity with the leaders of two secessionist organizations, ANC and Òmnium Cultural, (Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez).

These politicians have been punished for encouraging civil disobedience (sedition) prior to the ‘referendum’ held on 1 October 2017. On 2 November 2017, also other senior Catalan separatist politicians were placed in preventive custody with charges of sedition and rebellion.

The streets of Catalonia are plenty of these symbols. In the Catalan pro-independence process, symbology is very important. For proving that, you should just check the profiles of the social media and you will find how the catalan society
is encouraged to make their independence real.


The use of yellow ribbons has also spread to celebrities and football. In Twitter some celebrities have posted tweets with the hashtags #prayforsouthkorea or #prayforcatalonia.
Also FC Barcelona icon and Manchester City Manager, Pep Guardiola, pinned a yellow ribbon for several weeks to his jumper in a show of support for imprisoned Catalan politicians.
Pep Guardiola,  is a catalan professional football coach and former player who is the current manager of Manchester City. Guardiola has been the coach of FCBarcelona for several years.
In Catalonia, pro-independentist usually have the FCBarcelona as their favourite football team.
Guardiola is more than a coach, he is a symbol.