Monday, 26 February 2018

Committees of Defense of the Republic (CDR)

The Committees of Defense of the Republic  are groups emerged in Catalonia in 2017 with the initial objective of facilitating the realization of the independence referendum of October 1 (1-O), suspended by the Constitutional Court. After the referendum, they adopted the new objective of fighting for the fulfillment of their result and the proclamation of the Catalan Republic. They have the support of various organizations of the Catalan pro-independence left, including the Popular Unity Candidacy, although it is organically independent of these.

Normally these kind of Committees are made up of several pro-independence activists. These activists normally make activities for claiming the right of self-determination in Catalonia, but also they claim for independence. These activists make several activities, normally in the streets. They make symbolical portraits or they participate in rallies. Their activity is symbolical but it has the support of millions of people in Catalonia.

Now imagine that micronations began to make their own commitees and imagine these commitees become important in society like the catalan ones has reached in the catalan society. Imagine Prince Renato II in a rally claiming independence from his rock, or the Prince Michael of Sealand making the same, or Casidio Tallini organizing an event for self-determination.
Perhaps this sounds amazing, but it has not still happenned.