Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Union of Non-aligned Micronations (UNM)

The Union of Non-aligned Micronations (UNM) is an intermicronational treaty union, set up as a loose association of Micronations/New Nation States that are not politically aligned internationally to any other micronational organisation or partisan group.

It's aim is increasing diplomatic opportunities between non-aligned micronations internationally, to foster mutual co-existence of micronation building, without having to align with partisan policies that may not be in all members interests.

To further this aim, it has an official broadcasting arm "VoUNM - Voice of the Union of Non-Aligned Micronations" - Transmitted via the Secretariate Nation's State Broadcaster (DJFMITV and Radio SMASH International).

VoUMN's primary role is to enable circulation of important details that are useful to the diplomatic corps and tourism of each member state in forming relations, as well as maximising the potential of these relations in a simplified way by fostering modern communication methods, especially in a visual form.

Joint statements are unanimous if they are released on behalf of members, otherwise the UNM Secretariate maintains on the channels of communication and information available to moembers only, not intervening in a member state's affairs.

The UNM and the Secretariate maintains a stict non-partisan policy in it's day-to-day operations, so as to acheive its aim 'To Maintain Diplomacy and Inter-Dependency between micronations, and defend the tools and resources from ulterior malintent for a united Intermicronational Community in peace and prosperity"

If a member unduly decides to use the UNM to influence or intervene in a nation state's affairs via the Treaty Union, then that member is removed until it can prove its intent to not influence remaining UNM members.

Listed Members of the Union of Non-aligned Micronations are (Alphabetical):
- Democratic Commonwealth Union (Founding Member & Secretariate)

Non-Members with Representation in the UNM:
- Malatora (Federated Commonwealth of) - Has a Dual Citizenship arrangement with the Democratic Commonwealth Union, hence are considered citizens of the DCU and entitled to representation in the UNM like other DCU citizens.

Non-Member observers and specialist groups:
- Principality of Pontinha

Voice of the Union of Non-aligned Micronations (VoUNM):

The Voice of the Union of Non-aligned Micronations (VoUNM), is the official public service broadcaster of the Union of Non-aligned Micronations (UNM) Treaty Union.

It's primary mission, is to educate about the mission of the UNM and inform to allow better access to knowledge of many unrepresented micronations around the world in both video, audio and multimedia formats.

Ultimately, this leads to the hope that all members of the UNM will receive wider recognition of the work they do around the world, as well as greater prosperity and co-existence through shared working in areas common to each other.

VoUNM's programmes and features are produced by the Secretariat Nation's Broadcaster Radio SMASH International and DJFM Industries Television in the Democratic Commonwealth Union, with inter-working with other UNM member micronational broadcasters as partner stations to transmit VoUNM output.

From where does this movement come from?

From The Union of Micro-Nations (UMN) was an intermicronational organisation with appriximately 50 plus member nations or micronations at its peak.

Its aims were to ensure dialogue and peace among micronations worldwide, as well as furthering micronationalism and its progress.

The organisation was led by a Secretary-General who was initially elected every month, then every 3 months to oversee and chair the work of the UMN, as well as ensuring the Resolutions and Rules of the Union of Micro-Nations is adhered to by all members.

The last Secretary-General to the UMN was Jonathan Costello of the Socialist Republic of Chekovskaya - when he tried to dissolve the UMN without approval from the General Assembly, due to concerns of stagnation and lack of progress. About two months later, the remaining members of the General Assembly voted to dissolve the organisation by majority vote, as the transition from one group to another greatly stiffled any further diplomatic transaction between members. In the words of a founding member of that moment - The Kingdom of Lundy's deligation commented "We'll always have the good times".

A Security Council, formed by 5 nations, aimed to keep the Secretary-General in-check as well as to discuss other matters of organisational concern - A new Security Council member was usually added every 10 new members by a one-off elected vote. The Security Council was chaired by an elected member of the organisation for a currently undefined period.

Listed Former Member Nations of the UMN(Alphabetical):
- Alethea
- Avalon (Union of)
- Caladonia (Republic of)
- Chekovskaya (Socialist Republic of)
- Cloverland (Equalist Republic of)
- De WaCo Estates (Imperium of)
- Florida (Libertarian Thatcherist Republic Of)
- Freiden (Former Stykrian People's Republic)
- Kalania (Republic of)
- Kaleido (Republic of)
- Ice People (Kingdom of the)
- Liberal Atlantic Republic
- Lundy (Kingdom of)
- Militarmia (Kingdom of)
- Nentopia
- Ortania (Union of)
- Michiana (Taeist People's Republic of)
- Ravenia (People's Democratic Republic of)
- Savante (Principality of)
- Templar Kingdom
- Democratic Commonwealth Union
- M.O.C.C. (Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross)
- U.C.S.T.T.

Non-Members with Representation in the UMN:
- Malatora (Federated Commonwealth of) - Has a Dual Citizenship arrangement with the Democratic Commonwealth Union, hence are considered citizens of the DCU and entitled to representation in the UMN like other DCU citizens.

Non-Member observers and specialist groups:
- Bicol Youth Socialist Party - Observer organisation with an interest in micronational governance through a socialist perspective.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ressuscitar de uma Rocha

Ressuscitar de uma Rocha, this is the new motto of Renato Barros, the Prince of Pontinha.
This year we will see several countries in the world that want to secede, Catalonia, the Faroe Islands, Liberland, and the typical micronations which are claiming independence since years, decades, and in some cases, centuries ago.
Renato knows that. He wants to stablish new relations with heads of state or diplomats of all this nations without state, which want to secede. 
This is why, he is engaged in promoting its country all over the world. The Principality of Pontinha is arriving to the ears og all libertarians. Renato was looking for a name for his campaign. He founded, ''Ressuscitar de uma Rocha'', traducted to english, means ''The Renaissance of a Rock''. It sounds a title of a book, but it is not. It is a marketing logo, that Renato wants to develope all over the world for encouraging people to participate in the independence process of the Principality of Pontinha.

Ressuscitar de uma Rocha, the new chapter of Pontinha's History

Renato Barros has been condemned to pay charges. Portugal autorities are not recognizing the ''Carta Regia'' of Pontinha. They don't recognise Pontinha as an independent state.
So Renato Barros, needs money. This is the reason why he is making a campaign called ''Ressuscitar de uma Rocha''.
From today everyone can buy souvenirs of the Principality of Pontinha. But which souvenirs can you buy?
Well, you can acquire historical documents or elements of the Principality or you can become part of the Pontinhan Nobility. Renato II will sell nobility titles. A method which is similar to those of the Principality of Sealand.
For those interested check the following link: