Saturday, 10 March 2018


Self Herald is growing. Each day, we have more than 100 visitors from all over the world. We have the support of several independentist activists. They share the information we post in our blog. We have more than 1.000 followers in twitter and we are growing in several social medias. This is why, Self Herald has engaged a new project, SELF DETERMINATION. Our aim is to make a digital space where everyone can discuss about those nations and micronations which wwant to secede from their states.
Self Herald has also changed its logo in the last week. This new logo reflects the intention of Self Herald to support the self-determination concept.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Lusophone Kings and Princes congratulate the International Women's Day 2018

Dom Rosario Poidimani, King of Portugal

I am not talking about micronationalist leaders, 
I am talking about real sovereigns of countries. 
Today, the King of Portugal, Dom Rosario Poidimani, also Duke of Bragança, among other titles, congratulated to all women for the International Women's Day 2018.
He is proud of being the King of Portugal and this is why, he wanted to congratulate to all Portuguese women for this special day.Soon, we will write an article about this European Monarch.

Dom Renato Barros, Prince of Pontinha

Not only the sovereign of Portugal has talked about this special day. Also the sovereign of the Fort of Pontinha, the Fort which seceded from Portugal. Today, the Principality of Pontinha celebrates the International Women's Day 2018. The Prince Renato Barros congratulated to all women citizens of his Principality for this special day.