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Exárcheia is a district of Athens in Greece, located around the square of the same name, near the National Polytechnic University of Athens. This district is renowned for being home to anarchism in Greece. The name of the district comes from Exarchos, a merchant having established a store there. This district is bordered on the west by Kolonáki. It is connected by Patission and Panepistimiou Streets as well as Alexandras Avenue.


According to the book Exarcheia the Black, in the heart of Greece that resists, the district owes its name to a grocer named Exarchos who was installed at the main square in the middle of the nineteenth century and had the reputation of being generous.


In Exarcheia it is located the Museo Arqueológico Nacional de Atenas, the Universidad Técnica Nacional de Atenas and the Colina Strefi. The main square has many cafes and bars, and in the neighborhood there are numerous computer shops located mainly in Stournari Street, also called the "Greek Silicon Valley". In Exarcheia is located one of the most famous cinemas of Athens, called "Vox ", as well as the Antonopoulos Apartments Building, known as "Blue Building" for its initial color, a typical example of the modern architecture of Athens lasting the interwar era. Due to the political and intellectual nature of the neighborhood, there are many bookshops, fair trade shops and organic food supermarkets. Exarcheia is also known for having many comic shops.


The neighborhood of Exarcheia was created between 1870 and 1880 in the limits of the city and has played an important role in the social and political life of Greece. This is where the Revolt of the Polytechnic of Athens took place in November 1973. Many intellectuals and artists live in Exarcheia and it is an area where many socialist, anarchist and antifascist groups are housed. Police stations and other symbols of authority and capitalism, such as banks, are often the target of far-left groups.3 4 Numerous anti-capitalist graffiti can be found in the neighborhood.
Exarcheia is also a center of art where theatrical performances and concerts take place around the main square. In December 2008, the murder of fifteen-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a police officer in Exarcheia led to riots throughout Greece. In 2015, then Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was attacked by several people wearing ski masks while eating at a local restaurant.
The 20 of october of 2017, Chinese national bought over 100 apartments in Athens' Exarchia district, according to


Like most micronational or libertarian comunities, Echárcheia, has also its own sports club.
Asteras Exarchion, is a Greek sports club from Exarcheia, Athens, founded in 1928, but competing under its current name from 1967. The club has three active sports sections: Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball and men's football sections. The women's basketball team compete in the top division the A1 Ethniki, and the men's football team compete in the amateur Athens Football Clubs Association Division B. The club colours are black and white.

Achilles Naples

Refers from the 1930-31 season, when sponsored by Athens Mayor S. Mercouri 1931 to 1932 the team participated in the C category of SFA Athens with the sum of 2,000 drachmas. Next season 1932-33 not subsidized and their following historyis unknown.

Eccellence Naples

From the antebellum period in the district of Exarheia was the Football Association "Excellence Naples", founded around 1928. In 1931-1932 season they received a grant from the City of Athens 2,500 drachmas from wonderfully started his career and struggled as the 1958 international footballer Mimis Stefanakos who made a great career in Olympiakos Piraeus .
The first post-war season 1944-45 the Primacy participated in league ISL Athens, in the C division, and continued to small groups of EPSA as the season 1956-1957. The team colors were blue and white.

Panexarcheiakos Supporters Group

Participated in small classes of EPSA from season 1949-50 to season 1956-57, chaired by the Emm campaign. In October 1952 he founded and partook in the basketball section. During this period (1948-1952) there has been a very active and independent association called "Enosis Exarheia," not evolved into an official club, and various non-formal clubs (basically groups of players) such as: Meliteus (1949), luminary Eq. (1951), Victory Eq. (1951), Dorian (1952) Thunderbolt (1952) etc.

DP Exarheia-Naples

Founded in June 1957 by the merger of Excellence with Panexarcheiako, then struggling in the B2 category of EPSA, the first president of Professor NATURAL. Rep. Delopoulo treatment. A first attempt to merge the two clubs had been in 1954 without success. The ASEM participated in the championship of EPSA as the season 1966-67, low categories. The ASEM had colors "cyan" (supremacy) and "yellow" (the Panexarcheiakou). Besides football club, the new club had also basketball team based in gipedaki hill Strefi and part fighting, with 80 athletes (better known: Karystinos, Papalazarou, Alex) led by protopalaisti Charisiadis, which has existed since 1954 Housed in training area in New Slaughterhouses (street Piraeus 200). In ASEM invited to participate, and neighboring clubs "White Aster" and "Hercules Museum", without response.

White Aster Lycabettus

Was an informal club since 1927. During postwar participated in the championships of EPSA since the early '50s as the season 1966-1967, who was in the A2 category. In 1954 the Board the club refused a proposal to merge with excellence. AO "Astir" Exarheia: founded in the summer of 1967 after the forced merger imposed by the dictatorial regime of both old Athenian football teams: "White Aster Lycabettus" and "AS Exarheia-Naples" (ASEM). The previous season 1966-67 the White Aster participated in the A2 category of SFA Athens , which after the reformation which placed the new group of AO Star in division B, an amateur league in which the men's football section plays to this day.


Exarcheia the black, in the heart of Greece that resists, texts Yannis Youlountas, photos Maud Youlountas, preface Dimitra Antonopoulou and Vangelis Nanos, Libertarian Editions


- The Park of Exarcheia (en anglais) de Void Network (5 min), 2013
- Ne vivons plus comme des esclaves de Yannis Youlountas (89 min), 2013 
- Je lutte, donc je suis de Yannis Youlountas 2015
- Exarcheia (archives des années 60) de Cleo Bostantzoglou (7 min)


- Betty Arvaniti, actress
Betty Arvaniti (Greek: Ελισσάβετ (Μπέττυ, Μπέτυ) Αρβανίτη; born 4 August 1939) is a Greek actress. She appeared in 40 films and television shows between 1965 and 2002.
Selected filmography
- Istoria mias zois (1965)
- Anthropos yia oles tis doulies (1966)
- Bullets don't come back (1967)
- Imperiale (1968)
- I Haravgi tis Nikis (1971)
- Thema syneidiseos (1973)
- Who Pays the Ferryman? (TV-series, 1977)
- The Dark Side of the Sun (TV-series, 1983)

- Nikolas Asimos, songwriter, singer

Nikolas Asimos was a Greek composer and singer. His real surname was Asimopoulos. Asimos was a very special case of a counter-culture artist, mostly because of his lifestyle. His behaviour and songs were often received as provocative by the general public. He was a person with strong political opinions. Ideologically, he could be categorised as an anarchist but he never accepted being put in a specific political ideology.

Early life

Nikolas Asimos was born in Thessaloniki. Both his parents were from Kozani. As a young man he was eager to learn new things. In 1967 he enrolled in the Philosophical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During his college years he was often involved with theatre and the performing arts whilst writing songs and singing in various boîtes of Thessaloniki.
He often had problems with the police, particularly during the period of military rule — junta — in Greece and the consequent restriction on civil liberties, i.e., freedom of expression.

- Eleni Kastani, actress

Eleni Kastani is an actress, known for Dekapentavgoustos (2001), Nisos (2009) and Nisos 2: To kynigi tou hamenou thisavrou (2011).

- Sophia Philippidou, actress

Sofia Filippidou is a Greek actor, director and writer. He has collaborated with important Greek directors (Stamatis Fasoulis, Mimis Kugiumtzis, Andreas Boutsinas Nikos Hourmouziadis, George Kimoulis, Pantelis Voulgaris, Lidia Koniordou, Diagoras Hronopoulos, Thanasis Papageorgiou, Giannis Margaritis, Giannis Iordanidis, Nikos Armaos). He has played in the classics of such important authors as Anton Tsechof, Federico García Lorca, Tenesi Ouiliams, Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Harold Pinter, Ed von von Horvat, Ben Johnson, Georges Michel, William Faulkner, Zorz Fendo , Euripides, Aristophanes. He also worked on radio and television.He participated in the broadcasting of George Mitsikosta (2 years) in SKAI, in "Greece his talents" (1 year) in TOP FM, the "Kui - Kui cry" (3 months) FLASH, etc. In 1990 he began his own show at SKAI entitled "Do you hear me?" which was suddenly cut off by telephone.
He has collaborated with The Theater Club of Volos in the Arkadia 2000 polyphony audience.
She taught theater and acting at the popular education seminars of the Ministry of Education throughout Greece (2002 - 2005).
In the fall of 2006 he showed extracts from Euripides' "Bacchantes" with Nikos Naoumidi in Vergina, during an event at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. December 4, 2006, staging of a show in Thessaloniki titled "Romancero Gitano" by Federico Garcia Lorca in "ginger oil".
In the winter of 2007 - 2008 he teaches and directs the "Little Athens" staging of a show "Feathered Octopus" (in the same composition of text).
In the winter of 2000, in cooperation with the club's founder, she founded a student theater group "Ida Dactyles" at the "Creta Home" Cultural Center, which features performances: "The Good Mother" Gregory Xenopoulou, "The Walk Georges Michel's "Sunday of Time" (collage of texts of the same), "Yvonne Princess of Burgundy" by Witold Gombrowicz, "Melachra" Pantelis Horn, "The Master Builder" by Nikos Kazantzakis, "Women (in translation of the same) and "Paliatson swallowed" Jupiter "(three works in one act: a great suffering Georges Kourtelin the Vegera Elias Kapetanaki and the wedding of Antony Chekhov).
In 2011, he directed the work "Meat Green Lemon" by Meat Karatza at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Continuing with the student from and to the name of "stage student T3chni" by stage representation "Ionesco blues" (in the composition of the text of the same in the "Game mortem" E. Ionesko in "Antigone" Sophocles, and "Hippolytus" by Euripides the "Medea" and "Crown" by John Kontrafouris). In the summer of 2013 staged in the same group "Fausta" Bost Foundation in "Michael Cacoyannis" and in July 2014, the show "
Since January 2013 has its own column in the newspaper "Eleftherotypia", titled "The aspect of wisdom" and comes every Saturday for two years. In November 2014, he published his first book "With a Stairway to the Moon" from the Kastaniotis publications. January 2016 for which he directed the show "Brooches Knees" (in two acts played Roula Georgakopoulou: during the night and Proserpina and Marina) in the Machine Theater.

- Shant Rising. Communist activist
- Mary Tsoni, singer and actress

Mary Tsoni was a Greek actress and singer. She was best known for her roles in the films Evil (2005), Dogtoothand Evil: In the Time of Heroes (both 2009). For her role in Dogtooth, she won the award for Best Actress at the Sarajevo Film Festival, and the motion picture itself was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Born in Athens, Tsoni was also the lead singer of a punk band called Mary and The Boy and, prior to her acting career, a make-up artist. Tsoni was found dead in her apartment in Exarcheia, Athens on 8 May 2017, a month before her 30th birthday.

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