Kingdom of Dixit

I am sure that everyone of you have heard that an american man went to a piece of land located near Sudan, which is not claimed by any state. This american man, Jeremiah Heaton proclaimed kimself King of North Sudan, by claiming a ''terra nullius'' territory in Africa, the enclave known as Bir Tawil
But now this territory has another pretender, the self-proclaimed King of Dixit. An indian man called Suyash Dixit, claimed Bir Tawil as his own territory proclaiming the Kingdom of Dixit. 
Dmitry Zhikharev is a the Russian satellite radio enthusiast who calls himself King of Bir Tawil. But today, we are going to talk about the new king, Suyash Dixit.
So now, Bir Tawil, is claimed by three names representing two different entities. We are in the context od a dispute of three micronations over a territory. In this moment, the mediatic issue is on this man, Suyash Dixit, the Indian explorer that procliamed his own country.
He is not only the founder and the king of a nation, he is also now a famous person. After the proclamation of the new nation, a lot of international media wanted to spread this event in the news.

Suyash Dixit travelled hundreds of miles to Bir Tawil, an 800 square mile piece of uninhabited land between Egypt and Sudan that neither country has claimed.

The new "ruler" faced a perilous journey after spending two nights planning his trip into the desert and convincing a local driver to take him to the remote outpost.
The explorer drove for six hours to plant a flag and some seeds in the desert land to establish the Kingdom of Dixit and name himself the king.


Bir Tawil or Bi'r Tawīl is a 2,060 km2 (800 sq mi) area along the border between Egypt and Sudan, which is uninhabited and claimed by neither country. When spoken of in association with the neighbouring Hala'ib Triangle, it is sometimes referred to as the Bir Tawil Triangle, despite the area's quadrilateral shape; the two "triangles" border at a quadripoint.


Only a state can assert sovereignty over territory, law expert Anthony Arend previously told the Washington Post. But a lot of micronationalist and libertarian entities claim the Convention of Montevideo, when they want to claim a state. Perhaps only a state can assert sovereignty over territory, but what is a state? Who defines that? Can you be yourself, the State?
In the case of Bir Tawil, its terra nullius status results from a discrepancy between the straight political boundary between Egypt and Sudan established in 1899, and the irregular administrative boundary established in 1902. Egypt asserts the political boundary, and Sudan asserts the administrative boundary, with the result that the Hala'ib Triangle is claimed by both, and Bir Tawil by neither. In 2014, author Alastair Bonnett described Bir Tawil as the only place on Earth that was habitable but was not claimed by any recognised government.
Due to its status as de jure unclaimed territory, multiple individuals and organizations have attempted to claim Bir Tawil. However, none have been taken seriously by the international community, and due to the remoteness and hostile climate of the region, the vast majority of these claims have been by declarations posted online from other locations.


Jeremiah Heaton
Several people have tried to lay claim to the small piece of land of Bir Tawil over the years.
In recent years, the most notable 'king' is Jeremiah Heaton, a farmer from Virginia who wanted to fulfil his daughter's birthday wish to become a real-life princess.
'King' Heaton travelled to Bir Tawil to plant his flag there on June 16, 2014 - his daughter Emily's seventh birthday.
Since then, he has named it The Kingdom of North Sudan and formally applied to the United Nations for observer entity status.
Mr Heaton also launched a fundraising campaign to build a a state-of-the art laboratory dedicated to researching how crops could be grown with limited water supplies.
Another contender is Russian Dmitry Zhikharev, and 'amateur radio operator' from Siberia.
He planted his flag in Bir Tawil in December 2014 along with his friend Mikhail Ronkainen 'Count of Bir Tawil'.
Suyash Dixit, the indian explorer proclaimed independence over the Bir Tawil territory, but the the last King, Mr.Heton says that this is not true and that Suyash Dixit has never travelled to Bir Tawil.

Suyash Dixit, proclamation in the social media

The now King of Dixit, is very happy about the reactions that the International Media had, in announcing his proclamation of independence of his Kingdom. He is so happy, that he post that in facebook:

In just 24 hours, I am everywhere! Best day of my life. This is an overwhelming response.
From DailyMail to Times of India, from TimesNow to FoxNews, from ScoopWhoop to YouTube, from BuzzFeed to WittyFeed, from being #1 in the world trending news to funny posts by different blogs, from <some other international newspaper> to <some other international radio station>, THANK YOU ALL! <3 
Over 3500 friend requests to thousands of messages, I'll reply them all one by one.
More action coming tomorrow.''

But Suyash Dixit is now more than a founder and king of a country, he is an international idol for libertarians and micronationlists. He achieved thousands of followers in one day. People interpret him as a man who made history in one part of the world. Suyash Dixit, surely will be attract several people all around the world. His name has been published in the International Media, but also in local newspapers and in Internet. He has now a page of followers. 

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