Liberland, the new nation of Europe

Liberland is a self-proclaimed microstate not recognized by any sovereign state, located on a plot of land on the western bank of the Danube on the border between Croatia and Serbia, sharing a land border with the former. Liberland was proclaimed on April 13, 2015 by Vít Jedlička.
The official website of Liberland says that this nation could be created due to the Serbo-Croat territorial dispute.2 3 4 5 Legal experts from both countries have expressed the lack of legal bases in Jedlička's demands, not giving no importance to them. Despite this, there have been certain reactions such as that of the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs who stated that despite considering the trivial matter, the "new State" has no effect on the Serbian border outlined by the Danube River.6 Croatia , who currently administers the area, has stated that after international arbitration it should be granted only to Croatia or Serbia.7 This country has blocked access to it since May 2015, stopping Jedlička twice that month at least one day.8 For the time being, Liberland has not been recognized diplomatically by any member country of the United Nations Organization.


Liberland is located in the green space, called "Follow" on the map. Due to the difference in the definition of borders, the yellow parts are claimed by both Serbia and Croatia. The green parts are not claimed by anyone.
The official website of Liberland declares that the nation could be created due to the territorial dispute between Serbia and Croatia. Since the Yugoslav War, some territories on the Serbo-Croatian border have been in dispute, such as Vukovar Island and Šarengrad Island. Despite this, some other territories were not claimed by either side. Liberland was proclaimed on the largest plot of land in these unclaimed territories, which is known as Gornja Siga.

The area is approximately 7 km² and is mostly covered by forests. There are no residents in the area. A journalist from Parlamentní Listy who visited the area in April 2015 found a house that has been abandoned for more than 30 years, according to residents of neighboring areas. Road access was rated as very bad.


The flag flying over Liberland was raised by Vít Jedlička and some of his collaborators on the day the republic was proclaimed.10 11 Jedlička is a member of the Czech party of free citizens, which bases its values on classical liberal ideology.3

As Jedlička said, neither Serbia nor Croatia nor any other nation have claimed the land as theirs (terra nullius). The border is defined on the basis of the border claims of Serbia and Croatia so it does not interfere with the sovereignty of any other State.2 12 Jedlička said in a statement that an official diplomat would be sent to Serbia and Croatia, and subsequently to all other States, with a formal request for international recognition.


In Spain, the Libertarian Party has been enthusiastic about the appearance of Liberland. Its president, Juan Pina, was appointed in a recent ceremony together with President Vít Jedlička, representative of Liberland in Spain. Together with this appointment, the Spanish State has been asked for the immediate recognition of Liberland as a sovereign State and adjusted to international law.

In an interview with Parlamentní Listy, Jedlička said he had received positive reactions to his initiative, mostly from his own party, but also from some members of the Democratic Civic Party and the Pirate Party.

A team of journalists from the public service of radio and television from Vojvodina, Serbia, tried to visit the area to make a report. [Citation needed] But the access was denied to them by the Croatian border police, without giving them any explanation, and they were also informed that the flag placed on the day of the proclamation had been lowered. A resident of the Serbian side of the Danube River was positive about the project, and said it could become a tourist attraction. A group of Czech reporters managed to successfully enter Liberland that same week.
Dominik Stroukal of the Czech branch of the Ludwig von Mises Institute wrote: "The adventure was successful for Vít. The whole world refers to Liberland with words like "tax competition", "libertarianism", etc. »



A government of "ten to twenty members" has been suggested for the Liberland administration. An electronic voting system will be used to elect those members.

Immigration and border security

An open border policy will be implemented


Certificate of Citizenship of Liberland
The official motto of Liberland is "live and let live". The objective of the State is to create a society where good people can prosper without inefficient state regulations and taxes. The founders were inspired by countries such as Monaco and Liechtenstein. Jedlička accepts petitions for citizenship, and according to the official website, only communists, neo-Nazis and other extremists are not eligible for citizenship. According to The Guardian, more than 200,000 were received in a week.


At the time of the founding of Liberland the constitution was still in the development stage, despite having been described as inspired by Switzerland.


There are plans for an official cryptocurrency system, even though all other currencies will be accepted. Politicians will be prohibited by the constitution from indebting the nation. The Canadian Brian Lovig became the first investor of the Republic to donate $ 10,000 for the "early development phase of Liberland." There is no indication that Liberland has signed an intergovernmental agreement to establish the implementation of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

Application for citizenship

To apply for citizenship of Liberland you must complete the citizenship application form.14


There has been no diplomatic recognition of Liberland by any member of the United Nations. Despite this, Vít Jedlička held a meeting with the Austrian ambassador in the Czech Republic.

Official declarations of the States

Flag of Croatia: Liberland has been mentioned by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, but rejected the creation of Liberland and considered it "a joke", without further comment.15 On June 29, 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs of Croatia issued a statement affirming that the status of Gornja Siga is indeterminate, but it is not terra nullius, and that after international arbitration, it will be granted to Croatia or Serbia, not to a third party.16
Flag of Somaliland.svg: Through a bilateral treaty between unrecognized states, Somaliland recognizes Liberland.


It’s about time you learn who brought the most innovative
urbanization concept to Liberland! Right off, we want to thank you for your patience, as the process took quite a while.
Here’s  final selection of winners after months of work of both our own key members and the jury of recognized architectural experts. We cherish all the teams and individuals who shared their artistic visions of how to turn the 7 km2 of land i
nto a welcoming home and a rising global hub for all Liberlanders.  All design projects require top determination and much intellect, as every piece completes the whole, and that’s why we value your contribution so much and sincerely thank you for it.
Let’s quickly review the challenge our best players had to face:
Design a full visual plan for the urbanization of Liberland’s grounds of mild, LA-like climate exposed to flooding. The project’s focus should be on a green environment joining private and industrial areas suitable for living potential of some 340,000 residents, with basic in and out infrastructure. It should be also flexible in terms of economy and settlement facilities, so that it can be possibly readapted to changing market conditions. This plan should also embody nature and freedom as in line with Liberland’s ideals.
The results come as a combination of the jury’s votes after they considered the popular vote. The winners of Liberland’s Architectural Competition are:
1st place
Studio: RAW-NYC Architects, USA and UAE
Team leader: Raya Ani, Director
Award: 10,000 Merits
Files: link
Highlights: This concept features vertically stacked city layers that can be leveled up with the rising number of inhabitants. Each of the layer’s underside is adjusted for algae urban farming for food and power production without the need for sunlight and for CO2 emission control. The designers went a mile ahead by introducing many energy-saving and waste processing features to keep this futuristic metropolis very self-powered and low on pollution. The project also minimizes the needs for car use, with everything in a maximum of 20 min. walking distance. Overall, the jury found it as stunning and ahead of time – a prime example of socially-friendly sustainable living all could enjoy.


The Liberland Settlement Association


“We are the boots on the ground in Liberland” says Niklas Nikolajsen, President of the LSA. “We are dedicated to bringing freedom and sovereignty to Liberland and to creating a permanent settlement there as soon as possible.” Indeed the group has already settled into a temporary campsite in nearby Serbia which they are using as a base of operations while they wait for the day when they can move into Liberland permanently. For all of the many requests the Liberland government has made for people to join them on the ground, it seems clear that nobody has answered those calls more consistently than the LSA.

The LSA started within days after President Jedlička dug his flag into Liberland’s soil. A group of libertarian­ leaning Swiss had taken notice and began a Facebook page to discuss the many possibilities of the new European nation. Before too long they were joined by friends and then friends of friends who shared similar beliefs and interests. The group sent three of its members to Liberland to scout the land, which they were successfully able to do since the Croatian police were not yet occupying it.

By the time the scouting exhibition team arrived back home they had reached some clear conclusions: Liberland is strikingly beautiful and it would be well worth the time and effort to stake a claim of some of its land. The group sprang into action to create an official Swiss based non­profit entity and the LSA was officially born.

Much has happened since that time. For one thing, a number of LSA members have relocated to the area permanently and are working towards the association’s goals day in and day out. Their campsite is impressively equipped: 2 full­size Swiss army tents, two army power generators, an LSA built shower and plenty more. The group has even acquired its own vehicle, a used land rover recently purchased in Serbia.

On May 11, six LSA members were arrested and charged with an “illegal border crossing” after crossing by foot from Croatia into Liberland. The group was released the next morning after being warned that one may only leave Croatia at an official border crossing. In the spirit of respecting the laws of neighboring countries, President Jedlička along with several members of the LSA later decided to enter Liberland by international waterway instead. Unfortunately, the boat ride resulted in more arrests, though this time the charges were questionable at best and the group plans to appeal the court’s ruling. At any rate, spending the night in jail with a head of state is not an everyday experience for most, but an experience recently “enjoyed” by some members of the LSA.

Thankfully risk taking in not mandatory, as the LSA mentions in its recruitment material: “No one will be forced to put themselves directly at risk by challenging the Croatian authorities, but some of us must, as it is the only way to secure a free and sovereign Liberland.” Setting freedom fighting aside, it does seem that LSA also excels at having fun. The President recently posed for a photo shoot while joining LSA members at their newly made on­site bar. The atmosphere around the LSA camp is clearly one of adventure and fun, with the side benefit of working for a cause.

The LSA provides all members food and drink along with a place to camp while on­site. Additional support and perks are offered, especially to those who stay the longest. Liberland has received over 300,000 applications for citizenship, but as of now the government has only awarded citizenship to those who are directly working to make Liberland a reality (including several LSA members). For those who want to help in the early formation of this exciting new country, the Liberland Settlement Association appears to be the most hands on way to get involved yet.


Official newspaper of Liberland
Liberland press is amazind. When Vit Jedlicka proclaimed independence of the Free Republic of Liberland, all the serbian, croats and czech medias talked about the issue, but also international medias talked about that independence. Libertarian institutes and group of fans talked about this issue during weeks and months. Liberland is a micronation, but is considered for some people as a microstate, because it is recognized by some states of the world. So, it is a sovereign-disputed territory. Liberland media is very strong. The international media talks about Liberland a lot of times. But Liberland has also its own media. Amateur Radio of Liberland, Liberland TV and The Liber Times. But most libertarians of the world have applied for Liberland citizenship and some of them became representatives of the state. This libertarians publish news about the Liberland through webs, blogs and social media. So the embassies and foriegn representations of Liberland, make a lot of marketing about this tiny micronation. Liberland is more known in the world that some of the microstates of the world.

Some parliaments of the world talked about Liberland. This micronations is continuously being published in all kind of media in the world. This micronation is not a joke, it is a serious project.
In facebook there are a lot of pages that support the Republic of Liberland.
Liberland has a media which is called ''Liberland Press'', if you are a libertarian and you support the tiny micronation, you can also join to that team.
Not only simply information, Liberland had also been a main protagonist in a movie,  called ''The Epic Moving to Liberland'', presented by Ondrej Salek. A lot of people and organizations have published videos about the Republic of Liberland, receiving thousands of visitors.


This tiny self-proclaimed republic has the advantage of having well-known libertarians on its government and diplomatic structures. The founder of the country Vid Jedlicka is a well known libertarian, not also because of being the founder of Liberland, also because he was a knwon libertarian politician in Czech Republic. The first investor of Liberland was Brian Lovig.


Vít Jedlička, (September 6, 1983) is a Czech, Liberian politician, publicist and activist.

He is the chairman of the Free Citizens' Party in the Hradec Králové Region, Czech Republic, and has also been president of (cz). On April 13, 2015, he founded the self-declared micro-state Free Republic of Liberland.
Private life
Vít Jedlička Studied at the University of Economics, Prague and graduated in 2009. She later studied her master's degree at the CEVRO Institute where she finished her studies in 2014. Since 2003 she has worked in companies dedicated to information technologies. In 2013 and 2014 he worked as a financial markets analyst.


In 2001, Vít Jedlička was a member of the Civic Democratic Party. In 2009 he became a member of the Free Citizens 'Party and was elected the first president of the Hradec Králové region of the Free Citizens' Party.
Socialism is the false belief that the state will spend your money better than you would.[17]
— Vít Jedlička


Vía considers himself a libertarian with liberal views on individual freedom and the least possible participation on the part of the State.3 4

Jedička is a Eurosceptic. He points out the great difference between the free market and the internal market, in the democratic deficit of the EU and the common abuse of rules by EU institutions and member states.5 Jedlička Even called the European Stability Mechanism a protectorate. 6


On April 13, 2015 Vít Jedlička proclaimed the Free Republic of Liberland in a territory between Serbia and Croatia not claimed by any of the nations and became its first president.


The Canadian Brian Lovig became the first investor of the Republic to donate $ 10,000 for the "early development phase of Liberland." Brian Lovig became famous, no also because of his investment which was an historic one in that country, also because of his good relation with the President of the Republic. Brian Lovig made an interview to Vit Jedlicka.


Niklas Nikolajsen is the President of The Liberland Settlement Association, known as LSA. He said,  “We are dedicated to bringing freedom and sovereignty to Liberland and to creating a permanent settlement there as soon as possible.”


The list of Liberland representative offices is expanding rapidly throughout the world. As of now there are
almost 60 functional representative offices seeking to get recognition in their country. Many representatives
are well respected individuals in their communities.

Javier Canosa

Mr. Canosa is an international lawyer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Javier is an en-
trepreneur who has devoted his life to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in Argentina
and to developing the ideas of freedom in Latin America. Javier Canosa is a partner in
his firm, Canosa Abogados. Javier is an officer of the International Bar Association (IBA),
American Bar Association (ABA) and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
and is regularly engaged in conferences of issues related to his practice. In addition,
Javier collaborates with the World Bank and International Finance Corporation with
their Doing Business report and has been engaged for speaking in multiple World Bank
conferences. Javier speaks fluent Spanish and English and he has a working knowledge
of Portuguese, German, Italian and French.

Raffi Kazanjian

Raffi Kazanjian is professional watchmaker and Armenian politician. He is from a wat-
ch maker and political family at the same time. He is an active member of the Unity
party an Armenian political party. Also, he has been strong supporter of Liberland from
the beginning of its inception. He is getting his education from American University of
Armenia in both of Political Science, International Affairs and Law master program
(LL.M.). He is graduated from commercial and banking collage from University of Ale-
ppo Syria. He received his certificate from the General Federation of Artisans Associa-
tion in Syria. He is a member of Armenia Jewelers Association “AJA”.

Richard S. Holson III.

Richard S. Holson III. Currently serves as Chairman of the Board, President and Chief
Executive officer of Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company. The company has better
than $500 million in assets and $75 million in surplus. Also, serves as Chairman of the
Board of United National Life Insurance Company. Worked full time on the 1980 Ronald
Reagan Presidential Campaign. He sits on the board of the Illinois Life Insurance Co-
uncil as well as the board of The Joffrey Ballet and serves on the Advisory Council of The
Navy SEAL Foundation. Holson received a B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University and
an M.B.A. degree from the University of Chicago. He is a supporter of organizations who
advocate for free people and free markets.

Rahman Khan

Rahman Khan, born in Bangladesh, was raised in Germany, Switzerland and France
during his childhood. He holds a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Master’s in Poli-
tical Science from Bangladesh National University and following his passion in ICT,
earned a Master’s in Communication Engineering from United International Universi-
ty, Bangladesh and he also has several ICT credentials from Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe,
ISC, and IBM. He is involved with philanthropic and community activities while pursu-
ing for excellence as a career diplomat.

Márcio Coimbra

Government Relations professional, Multilingual, International Political Strategist and
Communications Expert; currently senior political adviser at the Brazilian Federal
Senate, Academic Coordinator at Ibmec Business School in Brazil and ad hoc represen-
tative for The Institute of World Politics (Washington, US). Experience working for in-
ternational, multilateral public and non- profit organizations in US, Europe and Brazil.
Worked with former President Aznar in Spain, UMP in France, Hayek Institute in Austria
and the GOP in the United States. Member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Prof. Vladimir Djenovic

Prof. Vladimir Djenovic (Denovic) was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is married and has two sons.
He has extensive experience in sociological and pedagogical work primarily in sports, educa-
tion and humanitarian work. His sports career has been very extensive, from playing footballer
(soccer), serving as a referee, professional trainer and Professor of Sports. He graduated from
the Faculty of Sport in Belgrade in 2005 and from the Academy of Football in Belgrade in 2013.
Over the last twenty years he has also performed significant charity work in non-governmental
organizations, where he held the higher functions of the Director to Chief Executive of Non-
Governmental Organizations, and is a proven fighter for human rights and civil liberties.

Constantinos Charalambous

Professor Constantinos Charalambous is the representative of the Republic of Liberland
in the Republic of Cyprus. He is a professor of Economics and Finance and the director
of “Everyday Counseling Student Services.” He is a member of the Finance committee of
the Democratic Rally, the incumbent political party which is in currently in government.
Dr Charalambous’ research focuses on regional economics and experimental economics.
He has supervised a number of experiments published in the American Economic Review,
the Social Science Computer Review and the Journal of Economic Literature. Currently, he
is working on a research project for the Municipality of Larnaca and the Larnaca Chamber
of Commerce and Industry on the factors affecting the development of the regional eco-
nomy of Larnaca. He is the author of the following books: “Principles of Microeconomics,”
“Microeconomics for MBAs” as well as “Mumblings of an Economic Mind.”

Hans Weber

Living since 2008 in Prague and working in the field of Diplomacy, Networking, Publis-
hing, PR & B2B for FRYDAY Prague, CZECH & SLOVAK Leaders Magazine and UPUP APP.
Before he stayed in Egypt, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Argentina, France and Greece.
Studied at University of Regensburg, Vanderbilt University and Owen Graduate School
of Management. Speaks German, English, French, Spanish and Czech.

Mathias Kaer

Having lived in Munich, Germany and Oslo, Norway, Mathias – a danish serial entre-
preneur is now based in Copenhagen. In the past 10 years he has started more than 12
companies with the main focus in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Among others
he is behind the successful Tabu in Aalborg, Hot Buns in Copenhagen and recently the
nordic restaurant n’eat in New York city. He is also an investor in Tech start up companies.

| Fernando Quintero

He has worked all his professional life in the Telecommunications and IT industry, specially
he has held high positions with the biggest ISP of Latino America and the biggest Teleco-
mmunication company of Ecuador i.e. Sales Manager, Operations Manager. Fernando has
special competency in the ISO 9001. Since the age of 13 was involved in IT. Actually he is
the CTO of SOLTECH and CEO of AEROPETS relocation pets around the world.

Mikko Järvilehto

Mr. Järvilehto is a CEO of Future tournaments ltd. which is one of the leading business
contest and hackathon providers in the Nordics. He has experience working in academia,
public sector and with many industries. He is well-connected in Finland and in northern
Europe and believes in the future of crowdsourcing innovations.


Noël MÉLET is a French honorary consul. He is the senior advisor of the diplomatic
mission of Liberland in France. As a graduate of the “Gendarmerie Nationale”, Noël
was a judicial police officer who has led numerous criminal investigations. In 1996, he
was national responsible for anti-fraud for a large insurance group for fifteen years in
France. For ten years he was Special Administrator of Justice and Conciliator of Justice.
He was awarded the “National Defense” medal and the “Voluntary Military Servi-
ce” medal and named Knight Grand Commander by the International Order of the
Knights of Thunderbolt of the President / Grand Master Supreme Vittorio Gifra.
He is currently drafting laws on police and state security in Liberland. He also began
drafting the legal proceedings for Liberland.

Kolja Spöri

Kolja Spöri was born in 1969 to German parents working in the foreign service with po-
stings to Istanbul, Madrid and Astana. After attending the German High School in Istanbul,
studies in economics at UCLA, and an MBA from Goethe-University Frankfurt, he started
his career as Head of Sponsorships for Hugo Boss. Subsequently he founded his own sports
marketing agency and brokered sponsorship deals in Formula 1, America’s Cup Sailing
and Offshore Powerboats. He then invested in a German DAX-listed media house and a
television company in Monte Carlo, where he has resided since 2007. Kolja Spöri teaches
about “The Business of Formula 1” at AISTS, which is the IOC’s faculty of sports manage-
ment at the University of Lausanne. He is a libertarian economist in the tradition of the
Austrian School and a Neo-Institutionalist. Kolja Spöri is the founder of the ETIC - Extre-
me Traveler International Congress, author of the bestselling travel book “Ich war überall“
(I’ve Been Everywhere), and was selected as “Travel Pioneer 2016” by the BBC.

Balázs Magyar

Balázs Magyar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and is currently fi-
nalizing his Master’s degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
He just arrived back to Hungary from the United States, where he spent one year in the
state of Georgia. During that time Rotary International selected him as a recipient of
the Will Watt Fellowship Award. Balázs is also an active player in his university’s water
polo team, and a private pilot since 2013.

Oscar L. Scholz

Oscar L. Scholz was born in Chile in 1974. Oscar studied engineering, specializing in
agronomy and natural resources and obtained the degree of Master of Science in Bio-
technology. For several years he traveled in various countries representing Chile in
academic and agricultural matters, commercial management exercised in an Israeli
multinational based in Chile and currently management an OTEC and a Corporation of
Human and Social Development.

Mohd Nusrat Hussain

Mohd Nusrat Hussain is a mMember of the American Society of Civil Engineers after
studying Civil Engineering at Jamia Millia Islamia University where he obtained a Masters
in Business Administrations in International Business. Mohd is a highly motivated and
enthusiastic individual and having good relations in Indian diplomatic circles and gre-
at expertise in developing strategies; he possesses excellent skill and cross-functional
team collaboration skills. He worked as a Project Management Consultant with several
ministries around the globe and also worked for United Nations (UNOPS). Mohd was
student leader and elected twice as a Secretary and General Secretary (Cultural Cell) of
the National Student Union of India. Mohd believes that “If you dream it, you can do it.”
This phrase is really stands for Liberland, and that is why we should support and en-
gage in all possible efforts for the existence of the nation.

Raja Younes

Raja holds two bachelor’s degrees in Physics-Electronics and in Industrial Automatism
and is currently finalizing his Master’s degree in Electronics and Automatism Enginee-
ring. His extensive experience in Program & Product Management is specifically in the
following fields: Big Data Analysis and High Speed Design for tier-1 semiconductor and
PC manufacturers in addition to Cloud Infrastructure & System companies.
Moreover, Raja is the author of The World’s New Silicon Valley, and helps technology
investors by introducing them to new ecosystems.
Raja is also a member of the Notre Dame University Choir and student of Modern and
Oriental Singing.

Andreas Kohl Martínez

Andreas is a young Bitcoin entrepreneur and aspiring Austrian economist based in
Liechtenstein. In 2014 he was the provincial coordinator in Toledo for the Spanish Li-
bertarian Party. In 2015 he was awarded the 3rd prize of the prestigious annual Vernon
Smith Prize for the Advancement of Austrian Economics at a ceremony held by the
Princely Family of Liechtenstein. In addition to being Liberland’s representative in
Liechtenstein, he is also an international advisor and council member for the Founda-
tion for the Advancement of Liberty and the Spanish Taxpayer’s Union.

Milan Seman

Mr. Seman grew up in the Czech Republic, but left to study in Michigan at the age of
fifteen and has been on the road ever since. He graduated from the prestigious Tokyo
University of Technology, worked and lived in several countries in the Far East for over
seven years. After an intermezzo in the UK, left Europe again to work in the Middle East.
Hehas studied international policyand counterterrorism in the Universityof StAndrews and is
currently based in The Hague. Throughout the careerhe has worked as a chemical engineer, then
a project management consultant and most recently in international relations and security.

Rev. Emmanuel Chigbogu Nwusulor

Holds Diploma in Theology, two bachelors in Physiotherapy and in Information Tech-
nology Engineering; Masters in Information Technology Engineering. He is the CEO
of Life Evergreen Nigeria Limited ’developers of Mobile Product Authentication MPV’.
Chairman, Board of Trustees, House of Liberation Assembly, Born on 10th Feb. 1982. He
is a clergy, businessman, educator, administrator and motivator.

Magnus Hermansson

Magnus Hermansson is a software engineer with a Master of Science in Engineering
Physics degree from the University of Umeå in Sweden. He is also an local representative
for the Norwegian Capitalist party (Liberalisation in Norwegian). Besides his regular
work he is a private teacher in mathematics and physics, he also have experience with
ordinary teaching in the public sector. After high school he joined the Swedish army for
8 months as a motorcycle orderly. When it comes to philosophy he identifies himself as
an Objectivist. The area of interest in politics is free market economics and law.

Faisal Butt

Mr. Butt is a British-Pakistani philanthropist, well-known social activist and the Chairman
of Red Crescent Pakistan’s Committee for Europe & UK. He has participated in many
projects to build bridges between Pakistan and the rest of the world. His demonstrated
capacity to work with people from political as well as non-governmental and business
backgrounds within Pakistan and abroad makes him an excellent diplomat for Liber-
land on the international level. Moreover, recently he has been awarded citizenship of
Bethleham and has been nominated for MBE award in UK.

Hugo Estigarribia

Hugo Estigarribia is part Paraguayan and Croatian and is the representative of Liberland
in Paraguay. He is the Director of the family business E & H – Metal Construction in
Paraguay and representative of ESTIGARRIBIA d.o.o. Import – Export based in Croatia.
He is also Brand Ambassador of “Meeting G2” for Paraguay. He studied the Croatian
language at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He has a Bachelors degree in International
Relations from the University Americana located in his hometown Asunción, Paraguay.
He speaks Spanish, Guarani, English and Croatian. Hugo co-founded and is the current
president of the Paraguayan Association of Croatians. He is Professor of the Croatian
language and culture classes in Asuncion as well as a public translator of the Croatian
language in Paraguay and representative of the Croatian World Congress for Paraguay.

Matthew Yngson

Matthew Yngson is a journalist, media professional, entertainer, life coach, tech advocate
and businessman. As President & CEO of Stoplight Media Group, LLC, he has had the
privilege to work with various individuals and companies from the Philippines, Asia,
North America and Europe. He also had a first hand opportunity to support relevant
initiatives such as pushing educational technology and e-commerce reforms in the
Philippine government. As a business professional, he is part of different entities enga-
ged in legal services, aesthetic medicine, debt collection and real estate to name a few.
Being in radio, television, print and the internet as well, he is at the forefront of media
in all its forms. Matthew is well-connected to the current and future trends providing


him an exclusive insight and testament to today’s global libertarian dynamism. His vast
experience spans 20 years of engagement in various industries and has the right network
to reach the objectives of Liberland in the Philippines.

Karol Parkita

Karol Parkita is the local coordinator of the Libertarian Association in Poland and a PhD
student of the Institute of Geological Sciences at Jagiellonian University. He is an active
member of the Libertarian Party in Poland and a libertarian activist in the Świętokrzyskie
region. He deals with the subjects of geological and mining law, criminal law, water and
construction law. Karol published the Polish version of the Constitution of Free Republic
of Liberland. He is the author of many deregulation acts for Polish law and author of the
interpellation directed to Polish government about recognition of Liberland by Poland.
Karol has a MSc degree in geochemistry and mineralogy and a BSc degree in mining
geology. He has organised many Liberland conferences and he coordinates the Economy
Classes for a youth project in Świętokrzyskie.

Jan M Fijor

Jan M Fijor is a 1971 graduate of the Jagiellonian University in chemistry in Krakow,
Poland. He worked for many years as a journalist in Poland. In 1984 emigrated to the
USA where he worked at Metlife Securities as a securities dealer till 2002, when he re-
turned to Poland. In 1996 he established a libertarian publishing house (FijoRR Publishing)
specializing in works dealing with the Austrian School of Economics. Jan,along with
Kamil Cebulski founded ASBIRO, a leading business school in Warsaw. A devoted liber-
tarian, he joined Liberland and its President, Vit Jedlicka in his efforts to establish in-
ternational recognition for the Free Republic of Liberland. In 2016, Jan established the
Searchlight Team, a group of people seeking a recognition for the Republic of Liberland.
He co-organized several presentations of Liberland at FreedomFest (Las Vegas, USA),
in Warsaw (Poland), and the most recent one at the SLT Conference in Chicago (USA).

Sohair Saber

Lady Sohair A.S. Saber; peerage title holder, is founder and chief executive officer of
Smart Global, founder and chairwoman of Travel House Agency, and Chief Legal Co-
unsel of Wasel Operations. She holds an LLM in International Business Law from the
UK, and was raised to nobility post millenia. She founded Smart Global in 2002, quickly
rising in the MENA market to become a premiere high-networth multi-industry servi-
ce provider, focusing on multi-consultancies and international business development.
Two years later, in 2004, she established and chaired Travel House and Tourism agen-
cy. Supporting the entrepreneurship efforts, in 2012, she joined Wasel Operations as
Chief Legal Counsel supporting the international trade and investment efforts between
the MENA region and North America. Tough and tenacious, Lady Sohair is one of the
most respected and influential women in the MENA communication industry, and with
international contacts at the highest levels, Lady Sohair is poised as one of the most
powerful female business women in the region.

Zlatko Sučić

Zlatko Sučić finished aviation academy in Serbia to become a commercial pilot, but
politics and sanctions against the former Yugoslavia prevented him to achieve this goal.
Later, he graduated with a degree in Computer systems in ITT Technical Institute in
Boise, Idaho, USA.He has 30 years of experience in aviation, management, engineering
and IT. Chairman of the board of “Centre Tesla” - Centre for Competence Knowledge
and Sustainable Development Promotion. A libertarian at heart, Zlatko is a strong ad-
vocate for Liberland in the Republic of Serbia.

Denis Pirc

Denis Pirc has extensive experience working with various ministries within Slovenia
and with international governments, such as that of the Kingdom of Jordan.
He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of export-import. He is fluent in
English. German, and Slavic languages and also in international business practices. His
passion for learning about different cultures, travelling and interacting with new people
adds to the qualities that make him a great member of our representative team.

Conrad Freeman

Conrad Freeman earned a Bachelor’s degree in Classics, Spanish literature and Lingu-
istics in the United States, as well as a Master of Information Technology in the United
Kingdom and Master in Business Administration in Spain. He has also studied many
courses on economics with Mises Institute and is a sympathiser with the Libertarian
Party of Spain. In his professional life Conrad has consulted in several technological
and financial enterprises in Europe, and is also a musician who has performed on many
stages along with organizing may networking events for lovers of individual freedom. He
has described himself as a voluntaryist who is very interested in increasing individual
freedoms and the message of liberty to all around the world.

Pavel Pospisil

Pavel Pospíšil grew up in the Czech Republic, which he left to study natural sciences
in France. He returned to Prague to earn a Master’s degree in engineering, from the
Institute of Chemical Technology. He holds a doctorate degree from one of Europe’s
top schools, ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. He then moved to USA as a research fellow at
Harvard University. Currently, Mr. Pospíšil lives in Switzerland and works as a chemist
and manager in the consumer products industry. Pavel admires the Austrian School of
economics. Politically he is for the pure laissez-faire capitalism and philosophically he
is an Objectivist. He speaks 8 languages. Pavel says: “We would all agree that our life is
the most precious thing we have. Let’s provide it with the freedom to think, to create, to
own and to defend it against the immoral collective force and coercion. May Liberland
be such a land for it.“

Claudio Pizzini

Mr. Pizzini is a CEO of Service Internet Phone co. which is one of the leading VoIP (Voice
over Internet Protocol) service providers specialising in internet telephony solutions for
businesses and the end user. He is well connected across the entire region of Asia and
Europe, which helped him to raise the awareness about Liberland with great success.

Dr. Tariq Abbasi

Dr. Tariq Abbasi is an Investment Banker, and a real estate developer in the United King-
dom with 25 plus years experience in related industries. In addition to running his own
business, he serves on the board of trustees of several national and international chari-
ties. A philanthropist, activist and advocate for peace and justice, and a passionate sup-
porter of charities dealing with the educational needs of children from underprivileged
Dr Abbasi holds PhD in Artificial Intelligence and its application in the financial industry.
For his services to the charitable organisations in the far east, he was conferred upon
the highest state honour and titles of HRH, Dato Sri, and Sir, and the Royal Cultural
Ambassador to the United Kingdom, United Nations and OIC. Dr Abbasi is a fellow of
New College of Westminster.

Peter Dijkstra

Peter Dijkstra is a Dutch lawyer who lives in the Ukraine. He has degrees in Chemical
Engineering, Law and Business Administration. His specialty is energy trading contracts
and in 2012 he cofounded a legal startup to make contract negotiations in the cloud ea-
sier. In in his spare time he invests in startups, does charity work, writes for a Dutch
libertarian website and spends time with his daughter.
Peter is a regular visitor of the yearly conference of the Property and Freedom Society
founded by professor Hoppe. He considers himself an anarcho-capitalist but prefers the
term voluntarist. Peter intendsims to organise a freedom-oriented event in Ukraine
about Liberland, Bitcoin, Austrian economics and libertarian philosophy.

David Molineaux

David Molineaux has been an enthusiastic supporter of Liberland since its founding.
A former restaurant owner, he now works in retail distribution logistics. He has also
volunteered for several Libertarian Party campaigns. While his formal education was in
Government and Criminal Justice, he is currently in an open study of International
Relations, Diplomacy and Balkan history. David lives near Charlottesville, Virginia and
is working closely with Mr. Thomas Walls on establishing Liberland’s diplomatic missi-
on in Washington D.C..

Xenofon Kontouris
Xenofon Kontouris is an New York-based Greek entrepreneur with a passion for free-
market economics and libertarian politics. He holds a BA from Beloit College in Econo-
mics Management and Political Science and aims to grow Liberland support in New
York City and beyond.

Adam Ernest

Having graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004, Adam has acquired over 12 years of digital
marketing experience. He is now the co-founder and CEO of Follow My Vote, a public benefit
corporation dedicated to the creation of open-source end-to-end verifiable online voting
software. With a deep desire to spread truth and freedom throughout the world, Adam and
his team are developing software solutions to support Liberland and other free societies.

Irwing Enrique Rios Torres

Irwing Enrique Rios Torres has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, and
a postgraduate degree in public policy. official race of the diplomatic corps in Venezu-
ela at the University of Venezuela. He is a specialist in the Middle East..
He is currently a consultant and owner of three companies: Ulterra drilling Venezuela,
Group Karibana and Investment Natdroid.
He has deep experience in the public sector in international organizations from 2004
to 2012.
He is a founder of the Venezuelan liberal movement, and is currently the director of
institutional relations and international relations of political organization.


“I want to give all my support to Liberland. I think that it's a wonderful concept and of course it's beyond
concept, it's reality. It's wonderful. I've got to say that as President I will be acknowledging Liberland offically.”
Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico and candidate for U.S. President 2016
“For years government power has been stealthily expanding, which not only de-
prived individuals from their freedom, but also hindered economic development.
Sadly, in the senseless pursuit of increasing prosperity states make many mistakes
and cause prosperity to be impossible. Liberland is different.”
Markéta Šichtářová, financial adviser and director of Next Finance Ltd., a co-author of
the bestseller about the present political and economic reality “Lumpové a beránci.”
“Liberland could actually become a model for the whole of Europe on how to
generate civilized prosperity.”
Jeffrey Albert Tucker is CLO (Chief Liberty Officer) of and publisher of
Laissez Faire Books. Tucker is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for
Economic Education, an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy
and an Acton Institute associate. He is past editorial vice president of the Ludwig
von Mises Institute and past editor for the institute’s website,
“Those who pay close attention to this project realize that Vit Jedlička has it all
running well and works tenaciously on its implementation. My best wishes for him.”
Richard Sulík is a Slovak economist, businessman and politician. He is the leader of
the Freedom and Solidarity party, as well as a member of the European Parliament
and the former head of Slovakian Parliament.

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